New Online Consultants – Do You Know the Power of Going Viral With Edu-tainment

For new online consultants getting their message about who and how the can benefit their prospects consumes their entire day. In the early days they don’t often take any days off, let alone make time to dabble in any of the Internets distractions. You know the ones their the games, horoscopes, do dads, little dancing figures and cute tunes that can be found everywhere.

I know that they can be fun and time consuming, and they don’t bring you in any income but yet you have to ask yourself what do they offer? With online entertainment raking in over 4 billion just from online gaming (of all ages and buying power) there must be something to be said for entertainment.

So how can you tap into this kind of income?

Online gamers are looking for one or two benefits from playing. To learn and be entertained. So offer that, with your own version of edu-tainment.

Whats even more helpful is that there are sites เว็บแทงบอล that specialize in helping you do just that. Sites like and These sites have easy to use templates that you can use to create slides shows with pop music playing in the background. Give your Facebook or MySpace page a total glamor makeover.

They even have fun and exciting skins for your boring YouTube videos. Now of course this is not something you would ever do right. I mean who listens to Eminem while jogging. Or looks at a weird and crazy video form YouTube sent to them from a friend, were all business and nothing but right?

So heres how you can capitalize on this type of conversation, just decide on a valuable message and than go to rockyou or slide and let your creative side go wild. Mix your message with a video or create a create a slide show with some pop rock playing in the background.

Than post it on your web or blog and ping a link to your social network and watch the comments and email opt-ins grow. You could even intro your new book or home study course just do it in a edu-taining way.